The Albion – 19 Dec 2015

tsar Bomba playing at the Albion pub

Tsar Bomba (click for larger image)

After the monumental triumph of the first Albion gig in June, it was asked if Epsom would ever see such a great night of live music again. Well, with punks like Go Chi Minh, Wax Age, Scoundrel, Chalet Noir and Tsar Bomba still around the answer was obvious…music lives. We’d like to thank all the bands for playing, Joe Hoyle for taking photographs and Luke Giles who managed the gig and engineered the sound.
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The Albion – 25 June 2015

calum with microphone

Calum with the mic (click for larger image)

Our gig at The Albion, Epsom, on 25 June was pretty momentous. Many thanks to all the bands that played: Koala Klap, The Exit Strategy, Go Chi Minh, Chalet Noir and Tsar Bomba. Sound and lighting was provided and managed by the Prince of the Epsom Scene, Luke Giles. Cheers, Luke.
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Weak Dose – EP

Weak Dose EP cover

Weak Dose EP cover (click for larger image)

Our new EP, Weak Dose, is out now. Physical copies will be available to buy soon. We think it’s the best music we’ve created so far. We hope people who know our music like it and that it attracts new listeners. There’s a lot of great music around at the moment, by wonderful bands who have influenced us. We hope this EP does those influences justice.
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Tsar Bomba gig sells out in less than 24 hours

Tsar Bomba gig at Albion pub poster

Albion gig poster – designed by Harry Hoyle (click for larger image)

Over the winter Tsar Bomba and Luke Giles planned to put on a gig at The Albion, Epsom, on 25 June 2015. It took a bit of sorting out, but we got there in the end and released tickets for the gig on Music Glue last week. We were amazed that the tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.
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The Fighting Cocks gig

The Fighting Cocks

The Fighting Cocks pub Kingston (click for larger image)

Thanks to all who came to what was probably our best gig yet, at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston (23 Dec 2014) – for A Music Blog Yeah’s Christmas bash. Gavin Watson, who curated and organised the sell-out show, kindly allowed us to be involved and after weeks of thinking about the set structure and how we’d do things live we turned up to watch and play.
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